Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Wisdom Of Ann Part 2

UPDATE : Verizon and Sallie Mae have removed advertising from Ann Coulter's website and two newspapers have announced their intentions to drop Coulter's column.

Yesterday I wrote on the wisdom of Ann Coulter, and what we could learn from her. In the end my point was that we can learn that people like Ann Coulter represent the mainstream, not fringe of Conservative thinking.

Ann Coulter went on Fox News to confirm what I had already written by stating "I say something, the same people become hysterical, and that's the end of it. I mean I think the lesson young right wingers ought to draw from this is : It's really not that scary to attack Liberals."

Coulter shrugged off the fact that several Conservatives had a negative reaction to her comment and called for her expulsion from the Conservative Movement.

Conservative mouthpiece Michelle Malkin condemned Coulters "faggot" slur but went on to comment on Coulter's popularity among the Conservative Movement and said that "I have been a longtime admirer of her work. She has done the yeoman's work for conservatism."

The Conservative blog The American Mind wrote "An Open Letter To CPAC Sponsors And Organizers Regarding Ann Coulter" in which it is written "Coulter's fearlessness has become an addiction to shock value" and that Coulters "reckless language reinforces the stereotype that Conservatives are racists." So far the letter has been "signed" by a little over than 30 Conservative bloggers.

But thirty Conservative bloggers and a handful of Republicans is not the mainstream of Conservatism, the mainstream of Conservatism stands with Coulter and her comments with their refusal to denounce her comments and their embrace of her intolerance.

Regardless of the liability Ann Coulter carries with her she is the Conservative Movement's most prominent spokeswoman, and they love her because of her intolerance, not despite it.

The American Conservative Union is a co-sponsor of the event, and David Keene, the President of the Union issued the statement that "ACU and CPAC leave it to our audience to determine whether comments are appropriate or not."

Keene did not, however, condemn Coulter's comment, and we can assume that since last time Coulter spoke at CPAC the "raghead" comment was appropriate to the audience, that this years "faggot" comment will also be appropriate.

The "raghead" and "faggot" comments are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the sometimes incoherent rantings of Ann Coulter.

WikiQuote has assembled a nice collection of her better known "works" for anyone who is interested...

In seeing inside the mind of a person who embodies every negative aspect of a bigot, hypocrite or possible sociopath in desperate need of medication.

Ann Coulter, as much as everyone on the Left and the independents who lean Right would like to believe, is not a fringe element of the Right wing, she is the mainstream, and if you want a peek into what Republicans really think, and really believe, one needs to look no further than Ann Coulter.

The Right would not produce Ann Coulter as an offensive shield if their ideology was different from hers.

Ann Coulter verbalizes what the hard Right wish they could say but are too afraid to say. They know it, she knows it and we know it.

In the end it becomes damaging to the Republicans because they continue to court her long after mainstream America has deemed her to be vile.

Bitter Conservative mouthpieces like Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly- they do nothing to attract new recruits to the Republican Party, and turn off Moderates, but they do help to galvanize the Republican base of privileged but disgruntled, racist and predominantly white males, and in the end, I guess that's all they care about.