Friday, March 30, 2007

General Warned Bush Not To Publicize Tillman Death

Just seven days after Pat Tillman's death, a top general warned there were strong indications that it was friendly fire and President Bush might embarrass himself if he said the NFL star-turned-soldier died in an ambush, according to a memo obtained by The Associated Press.

It was not until a month afterward that the Pentagon told the public and grieving family members the truth _ that Tillman was mistakenly killed in Afghanistan by his comrades.

The memo reinforces suspicions that the Pentagon was more concerned with sparing officials from embarrassment than with leveling with Tillman's family.

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Chasing The Ghost Writes:

To me, Pat Tillman always seemed like G.I. Joe, but only real. The real American hero.

What they used Tillman for was terrible. Just terrible. Look what they did to our true American hero. A man who gave up his NFL career to serve in the military was killed by friendly fire, only to have his President use him as a martyr to bolster support for the war cause.

They used his death as a political platform.

While Bush showcased the bravery and integrity of Pat Tillman, he did it knowing that Pat was not killed by the enemy, but by friendly fire.

How could Bush lie to Pat's family like that, to the Nation like that? The same way he lied to us about everything else I suppose.

They disgraced Pat, and what they did was was inexcusably cruel and maniacal. They lied to his family about how he really died to score political points. That's so dishonorable, only a scoundrel would consider it.

They said, "Look at Pat, what a hero - he died for this country - he was killed by the enemy." It made the heart swell pride and patriotism at the same time, but half of it was a lie.

Pat Tillman is a hero, he did die for his country. But the enemy didn't kill him, his own country did.

His own President disrespected his memory by making false statements and convincing people of war stories that were not true. All in the name of politics, and support for the war.

If I didn't think Bush could get any lower, I've just been proven wrong.

Rest in peace, Pat Tillman. Thank God the truth was told about your death.
Dear Jihadist, I Will Not Wet My Bed When I Think About You At Night

Michelle Maglalang Malkin, as usual, is full of "Hot Air", or maybe she's just full of it.

"The John Doe Manifesto" is a creepy proclamation of civil vigilantism. It reads like the author was checking her "Cliffs Notes" on Stalin's Guide To Disseminating Propaganda as she was writing her "Manifesto" to make sure she got the mantra just right .

On the surface "The John Doe Manifesto" appears to be nothing more than the work of fearful and impotent people, trying to make a verbal stand against terrorist.

Closer inspection of the individual orders reveals that the "Manifesto" is asking you to do nothing short of becoming a junior spy to help to create a paranoid and "big brother" like environment in the United States of America.

The use of the term "John Doe" disturbs me in this case because it seems to strip strip the person of it's individuality and insert a rigid and paranoid doctrine of "I Will's" and "I Am's" in it's place.

Just note the frame of the "Manifesto" ;

I am
I am
I am
I will
I will
I will
I will
I will
I am
I will
I will
I will
I will
I will
I am
I will
I will
I will
I will
I will
I will
I will
I will
I am

Now note individual phrases, the following lines smack of Soviet like propaganda.

"I will act when homeland security officials ask me to “report suspicious activity.”

I will embrace my local police department’s admonition: “If you see something, say something.”

I will support law enforcement initiatives to spy" ...

She forgot to write "And I will write with the intent of pleasing the 'propaganda ministry' because that is what a good and fearful American does."

Who need liberty when you have security? That's what Malkin is asking.

Of course, citizens need to be alert for their own security to a logical extent -- but this sickeningly pathetic "Manifesto" reads like it was coauthored by Kim Jong Ill's propaganda team to use on the North Koreans.

Furthermore, I am suspicious of anything with the word "Manifesto" stamped on it. I am sure there are many people on the Grassy Knoll handing out "Manifesto's". Ted Kaczynski had a "Manifesto".

In a sense Malkin's "Manifesto", like most her work, has played right into the terrorist agenda, to cause terror. One look at the "Manifesto" reveals truly how fearful some people in this country are.

The terrorist want Americans afraid, paranoid and spying on their neighbors, it feeds their frenzy, hence the word terror.

People like Michelle Malkin also want Americans afraid, paranoid and spying on their neighbors.

While their agenda's may be different I have to be wary of anyone who wants me to be afraid, paranoid and spying on my neighbors.

Before I scoot off to my Spring Break, I want to break down some of the weaker lines in the "Manifesto"...

"I will raise my voice against your subjugation of women and religious minorities."

While I subject Muslim woman in America to discrimination and show intolerance to religious minorities...

"I will challenge your attempts to indoctrinate my children in our schools."

What a flake! Talk about your conspiracy theories! Last time I checked the Muslims were not trying to indoctrinate our children in our schools. Now she's just making sh*t up to justify her call for a spying jihad against all brown skinned people and their acquaintances.

"I will not be censored in the name of tolerance."

Oh, jeez, she should give it a rest already! It sounds like she's fighting for the right to use the word "sand n*gger" when speaking of Arabs or something.

"I will put my country above multiculturalism."

Uhh, hello! Malkin lady, newsflash!

Multiculturalism is what allowed your Filipino immigrant parents to come to America on a work visa and have an "anchor" baby like you.

Multiculturalism is America, I know it's a concept the Reich Wing fails to grasp, but it's true.

If it were not for multiculturalism Malkin wouldn't even be in America, spewing her "Hot Air".

Malkin should get real, she's a minority in more than one way and should exercise some of the tolerance people gave to her and her foreign family to others. But she doesn't, leading me to believe she is a self hating b*tch and channels that self hatred on other minorities and immigrants.

"I will not submit to your will. I will not be intimidated."

You hear that, you stupid-wupid terrorist? She's not intimidated! Small woman, big stand, she hates terrorist, long time ...

You know what? Malkin's "Manifesto" sounds more like a self help book the more I read it. "I will not eat to much dessert, I will not be afraid of the dark."... Or like something written for victims of domestic abuse "I will not let a man undermine my worth, I will not let people tell me what to do." Blah, Blah, by f*cking BLAH!

Not only is the "Manifesto" creepy it is also pathetic, as the title of this post indicates.

The "Manifesto" really shows the terrorist how fearful they have made some Americans when they are willing to sign on to propaganda that was disseminated by fear-bot Michelle Malkin.

But do these silly little Stalinist spies really think their cute "Manifesto" is going to intimidate the terrorist, if they even see it? I don't think so.

Special thanks to Chris Kelly at Huffington Post for raising the issue to my attention in a blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

McCain Lies To Media, Calls Media "Jerks" After Lies Are Exposed

The picture "strait talk" John McCain has been painting of Iraq is one of success and harmony.

A place where westerners can walk the streets safely and the commander of the Multinational Force in Iraq can travel around in an unarmed Humvee.

Sounds like "Mission Accomplished", right? The only problem with that scenario is that John McCain's claims about Iraq are completely false.

The Republican Senator from Arizona who wants to be President in 2008 is carrying such a large load of lies that one has to be surprised that the wheels on the "Strait Talk Express" have not blown out as a consequence.

It started on Monday when McCain claimed to radio host Bill Bennett “There are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhoods, today,”

The lie continued on Tuesday when McCain spewed out on CNN that "General Petraeus goes out there almost every day in an unarmed Humvee." McCain then claimed that those who said it was unsafe for Americans to leave the heavily fortified "Green Zone" were "giving the old line of three months ago."

Journalist Michael Ware, who has worked for both TIME and CNN and has been in Iraq for several years strongly disagrees.

Ware stated in response to McCain's claim that “To suggest that there’s any neighborhood in this city where an American can walk freely is beyond ludicrous. I’d love Sen. McCain to tell me where that neighborhood is and he and I can go for a stroll.”

Ware also stated that “In the hour since Sen. McCain’s said this, I’ve spoken to military sources and there was laughter down the line. I mean, certainly the general travels in a Humvee. There’s multiple Humvee around it, heavily armed.”

Ware makes it quite clear that "Senator McCain is way off base on this one."

Watch the video below :

How dare McCain be so openly misleading about the conditions in Iraq? Is McCain that stupid, or does he think that the American people are that stupid?

This morning McCain was confronted by John Roberts of CNN with his fudging of the facts when Roberts stated “I checked with General Petraeus’s people overnight and they said he never goes out in anything less than an up-armored Humvee.”

Roberts also noted that a recent report by retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey stated "no Iraqi government official, coalition soldier, diplomat reporter could walk the streets of Baghdad without heavily armed protection.”

So not only has McCain's statements about Iraq been proven to be false by journalist Michael Ware, but also by former and current military officials.

But you know ole' strait talkin' McCain, he blundered “Well, I’m not saying they could go without protection. The President goes around America with protection. So, certainly I didn’t say that.”

But McCain did say General Petraeus went out without protection, he said he went out in an "unarmed Humvee".

To top of his own audacity McCain also appeared on GOP friendly FOX News and stated that he sometimes lets “jerks from the media” on board his "Strait Talk Express" bus.

Nice talk from a guy who wants to be President of this country, who knowingly misleads those "jerks from the media" about the conditions in Iraq in order to try to gain temporary political points at home.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Surge Is Working, The Surge Is Not

Some chicken-hawks are already claiming that the "surge" is working.

Chicken-hawks proclaim that even though United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon was nearly killed alongside the Iraqi Prime Minister the other day, and even though the deputy Prime Minister was nearly assassinated the following day that the surge is indeed working. Okaaay...

So violence in Baghdad is slightly down. Violence outside of Baghdad is reportedly up. So why is violence in Baghdad slightly down?

Well, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki has a somewhat shady alliance with Shia cleric Muqtada al Sadr who has a lot of control over the Mahdi Army who slipped into hiding when they were tipped off that a security crackdown was about to begin.

How is that any kind of victory? They'll be back. They are just laying low, making it more difficult to track them down. It certainly doesn't indicate the "surge" is working, it indicates that the Shia militants are being more clever than their Sunni enemies. In other words, they lay low, let the US kill the Sunni insurgents, and it saves Mahdi Army a lot of trouble.

But what happens the minute the "surge" ends? Mahdi Army is on the streets again, only this time without the pestilence of many of the Sunni insurgents who by that time may be partially deposed, paving the way to a Shia dominated insurgency to go right along with the Shia dominated government. Which will only add to Sunni animosity and fears of ethnic cleansing.

So I don't really see how the "surge" is working yet, especially when all I am hearing about it the capturing and killing of Sunni insurgents but nill on the capturing and killing of Shia insurgents, when, isn't is supposed to be the Shia who are being funded by Iran ... But oh well, who cares, it's not like were trying to win this war or anything.