Monday, March 05, 2007

The Wisdom Of Ann Coulter
We Could All Learn Something From Ann

Did I ever tell you that Ann Coulter is my hero? I can fly higher than an eagle, because she is the wind beneath my wings.

Did I ever tell you that before I was enlightened by the brilliance of Ann Coulter, that ideologically I wasn't sure if I was a Liberal or a Conservative, but that mostly stemmed from the fact that I didn't care about politics.

One day, years ago I was snapped out of my indifference to the political world by one shrill voice calling for the forceful conversions of Muslims to Christianity. A voice that called for intolerance on all levels, a voice that contradicted the very values I was raised with. Lo and behold, I present you Ann Coulter.

The woman who probably even made Osama bin Laden chuckle when she called the 9/11 widows "broads" who were enjoying their husbands deaths.

Ann Coulter is a beacon of bigotry and a role model for racist, and she claims to be an American, though her ideology is thoroughly un-American.

So what is she doing speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) a year after she caught criticism for using the word "raghead" to describe people of Middle Eastern decent?

This year at the Conservative Pundits Acting Crazy (CPAC) event Ann Coulter focused on sexuality rather than race.

During a long winded spell in which Ann tied Democrats to the whipping poll and praised Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for his ability to "hoodwink" Liberals so easily (Romney is a former pro-gay, pro-abortion Democrat who once claimed to be to the left of Ted Kennedy, so maybe it's the Conservatives Romney is hoodwinking. Any-who...)

Then in an offhanded sort of manner, Ann Coulter stated that she would say something about Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards, but you have to go to rehab if you use the word "faggot".

(Pretty low blow, considering it was Christian Conservative Bush-lover Ted Haggard who turned out to be a "faggot" and Republican Congressman Mark Foley who turned out to be a "faggot" who liked teenage boys.)

I'm not a big John Edwards fan, in fact, I'm never a big fan of American politicians who go to Israel and pledge their allegiance to it.

But, not only is Coulters comment about Edwards totally false, it's also a derogatory slur that should not be used in a public forum by civilized people, even to use the word to describe someone who is homosexual is unacceptable.

Why didn't Coulter just say " I would say something about Barack Obama, but apparently you can't use the word n*gger anymore." It honestly wouldn't have surprised me, and I am sure the audience of hooting bigots would have found a racial slur as acceptable as a sexual slur.

I don't care for bullies, they are insecure with themselves and their own position so they lash out at minorities and people who are different from them, they view themselves as superior to others while exhibiting conduct that is shameful in any civilized discourse.

What is disturbing to me is not so much the fact that there are people like Ann Coulter. I live in Michigan, so mini Ann's and Newts are everywhere. Gun loving, affirmative action hating Conservatives who hate Liberals as much as they hate "ragheads". But there is nothing you can do about them except hope their ideas die with time, which they always have and always will continue to do.

It's not so disturbing to me that Ann Coulter or people like her exist because people like Osame bin Laden exist too.

What is disturbing to me is that someone like Ann Coulter is asked to speak at one of the biggest mainstream Conservative events in America, even after she exhibited unruly behavior the last time she was present.

Vice President Dick Cheney was present, as well as Presidential hopefuls Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, in fact Romney referred to Ann Coulter as a "moderate" (perhaps suggesting he is far to the right of Ann?)

"Strait Shooter" (LOL) John McCain, who likes to fancy himself a moderate, skipped the event to do campaigning elsewhere, perhaps sensing the peril of having the presence an inconsiderate windbag like Ann Coulter rub off on him and negatively effect his campaign.

I always considered Ann Coulter and people like her to be on the fringe of Conservatism. I always tried to separate traditional Conservatives from people like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter.

But as time wears on I am forced to conclude by the popularity of these pundits with the Conservatives politicians and the Conservative base only indicates that the Coulters, the Limbaugh's and the O'Reilly's are not on the fringe, but in the mainstream of Conservative thinking, and that is what is disturbing to me.

That it was we can learn from Ann.