Friday, November 10, 2006

The "State Of Denial" Now Reaches All Republicans

Browsing the headlines of our nation's more conservative news sources would suggest the "State Of Denial" Bob Woodward has recently written about has fully engulfed the Republican party and all it's supporters.

Who are insisting that the American people are "reading too much" into the elections, and that the Iraq War and Republican corruption doesn't have "that much to do" with the Republicans failure to keep the majority.

Not surprisingly the Republicans are being quick to blame their usual bogeymen it likes to scapegoat. Typically, more often than not, the "liberal" media.

That pesky old "liberal" media. Why do they always want to expose government corruption? How dare that "liberal" media tell the American people the facts. Just who does that "liberal" media think it is? Those are supposed to be secrets.

The "State Of Denial" needs to end. It could not be any more clear why the American people voted the way they voted unless it was required on the ballot to explain the reason you chose to vote the way you did.

The refusal of the Republicans to admit the real reasons they lost the elections would be infuriating if it were not so pathetic.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

America Votes For Change, Will They Get It?

It has been a long hard road, but we somehow managed to chase most of those oil grubbers and war mongers making themselves a little too comfortable in Washington D.C.

A brave few will remain, but one thing is for sure, leadership is about to drastically change in America.

George W. Bush will remain in his post, which angers some liberals. Most moderates and independents are willing to leave Bush alone, so long as he cooperates with the Democrats in an effort to solve the ills of our own society and move forward in the Wars.

My personal belief is that the Democrats are willing to work in a bi-partisan effort to save the country. Most likely the Democrats view Bush as poorly as they did a week ago.

But beginning the process of impeachment could and would distract the country and it's leaders from problems that need solutions, such as terrorism, the Wars and other domestic problems.

So I don't believe, as the conspiracy theorist are already proclaiming, that the Democrats are forming an unholy alliance with George W. Bush and the neoconservatives in Washington.

But I do believe George W. Bush now has little room for error, and if we encounter open resistance from him, the impeachment process may begin.

The Voice Of The American People

The voice of the American people was strong and defiant on November 7, 2006. For so many years the Bush Administration and it's Republicans had insisted it was the voice of the American people, and they were proven wrong.

The American people are the voice of the American people, and we spoke loud, clear with defiance of their rhetoric when we voted against them in what will be called a national election.

We Voted For A Change.

We are not a bunch of flaming liberals, we are human beings yearning for change. We have been attacked by our enemies then deceived by our leaders, we are patriots who loved our country but questioned it's leadership. We have beliefs in human rights and adhere our Constitution and want to abide by international law and treaty.

We were sick of sex scandals, lobbyist scandals, the ruthless partisanship and the general veil of deceit the Republicans has cloaked themselves in for so long.

Most of all we wanted change.

So can the Democrats bring change to the country? Or will Bush stymie them at every corner and avenue?

One would certainly hope so. But change, no matter how hard the Democrats try, will be hard to come by. The President will still be the President, but his power will be impeded, as will the Democrats power.

The Neoconservatives Last Wild Card

But the President has stuck in one last wild card to play, it was so crafty that even most of his neoconservative supporters are not even aware of it. That wild card was Robert Gates.

The Bush Administration knew that if the Democrats took the majority that item one was the removal of Rumsfeld.

If the Republican war-money grubbers had allowed the Democrats to take control of House and Senate, the Democrats in turn would have began pushing for Rumsfeld's resignation.

With the Democrats in control of Congress whoever Bush choose as a nominee to fill Rumsfeld's post would have been closely scrutinized by the Democrats.

But, the war machine had reasoned, if Rumsfeld resigns immediately after the Republican defeat, they would have the ability to usher in their own suitable candidate that will be loyal to the neoconservative agenda at the Pentagon.

So even as Democrats take over House and Senate, The White House and The Pentagon will remain under neoconservative control. So I view change in the Iraq War is most likely near impossible until 2008 when a new President is elected.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats Win The House, Rumsfeld Resigns - What's Next For America And Iraq?

The race for Senate is still undetermined but the message was very clear on November 7, America was ready for change.

Many Americans went to the polls with the intent of expressing their discontent with the disconnect that the Republican Party and the Bush Administration has with the American public regarding the Iraq War, the economy and political corruption.

How The Republicans Lost Control

The Republicans spent to much of their time in control being partisan. They spent to much time uniting together behind a failed policy and against Democrats and the American public by accusing them of being unpatriotic for failing to unquestioningly support their questionable agenda. When perhaps it was their agenda that was so utterly inept, not the people who questioned it.

The Republicans spent much of their time in power trying to justify mistakes and various corruptions rather than offering apologetic discourse aimed at correcting errors and promises made to abide by domestic and international laws.

It wasn't just the Iraq war that weighed in on the ousting of the Republican parties stranglehold on the House, there was also corruption so rampant within the Republican party itself that even in districts that in the past have tended to vote strongly Republican voted Democratic yesterday.

There were glitches in yesterdays races but nothing as catastrophic as 2000 and 2004. The control or lack of control over Senate will be determined by the controversial Allen and Webb race in Virginia.

If Democratic candidate Jim Webb wins the Senate will also be in the hands of Democrats, but if Republican George Allen wins the Senate will be split 50/50 with Vice President Dick Cheney as the tie breaking vote when Senate is split, this virtually leaves Republicans still in control of Senate.

President Bush Addresses America, Post Election

The President seemed a little more subdued than usual early this afternoon when he announced that Donald Rumsefeld was resigning.

He seemed less of a partisan warlord and more like a man who's support was crumbling and who's base was dismantling. He also resembled a man who's era was coming to an end, a man who knew his era was coming to an end.

A man who was so ruthlessly partisan when surrounded by and propped up by his base almost seemed apologetic and maybe even humbled by the defeat of the Republicans, whom he was so certain would win.

After all, those Liberals are just a bunch of baby eating, gay loving, terrorist appeasing atheist who enjoy burning the American flag, right? So how could the party of "morals" and "security" lose?

I believe that man, the President, had really believed the Republicans were going to win the elections. He was certain his incessant warnings about terrorist and the clear message of fear and preemption had been fully digested by the people of the United States. I suppose he was wrong.

He did not want to believe the polls which had predicted the massive Republican casualties on November 7, 2006.

So as the Democrats sweep into control of the House, the President will be forced to act along more bipartisan lines and hopefully he may become a better President because of it. One can only hope.

As news of Rumsfeld's resignation spreads so does the speculation. The President had claimed that the resignation of Rumsfeld had already been underway, prior to the elections. I believe that the preparations for the resignation were underway and only to be acted upon if Democrats won in the elections, which they did.

Rumsfeld's replacement is to be Robert Gates, who had involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal.

What's Next?

I went to sleep last night expecting no drastic changes overnight yet Rumsfeld is resigning so I can only be cautiously optimistic.

There will be no massive redeployment of US soldiers from Iraq, but there is hope for change in a new direction with new leadership.

The Democrats may not be able to solve all of the problems we are facing as a result of six years of neoconservative dominion, but at least we can keep the neoconservatives from making things worse and expanding executive powers even more.

And maybe, just maybe President Bush will make a better President when forced to work in cooperation with his political opposites.

But, let's not hope for too much. From Bush or the Democrats.

Summing Up The Elections Of '06 In One Paragraph

The American people were confronted with a choice, stay the course and keep being feed lies and witnessing corruption or make a change and hope the country can get back on the right course. The American people voted for change.