Friday, March 09, 2007

Irony, Hypocrisy And Rod Majors At CPAC

This year at CPAC the headline was all about Ann Coulter and her "faggot" slur. In fact, everyone was so preoccupied with Coulters slur, that no one noticed who the recipient of the Jeanne Kirpatrick Academic Freedom Award was.

The next day a large number of gay bloggers recognized the recipient of the award as one "Rod Majors" a well endowed gay porn star.

His real name is Matt Sanchez and he is a Marine, and there is no word yet on why he had not chosen the screen name "Corporal C*ck or Private Parts... Anyhow...

Liberals have jumped all over the opportunity to point out not only how ironic it is that Matt Sanchez is the gay porn star known as "Rod Majors", but how hypocritical it was of Conservatives who are typically and notoriously anti-gay to be awarding a man who once starred in gay porno. It becomes a case of awarding the very same people who you have made a living out of demonizing.

I guess Mr. Sanchez is not homosexual, he just liked to play one in the movies, and that is fine. I am a Liberal so I do not deem it in my power or interest to dictate and condemn the lifestyle choice of homosexuals, or those who like to play them in the movies.

Sanchez has been heralded by Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity as a hero by being called a "baby killer" (something investigated and never proven to be true), he has also gotten cheeky with Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, all very well known Conservatives, all very well known for being anti-gay.

No matter how hard one can try to ignore it, there is something most unusual and noteworthy about Ann Coulter making a "faggot" slur and "Rod Majors" the gay porn star receiving an award all at the same Conservative studded event.

Sanchez tries to defend himself in his blog, claims he is being attacked by the Left, then lashes out by saying if he was Liberal that being on a gay porn set would have been "heaven".

In his blog, Sanchez gives the impression that he is blaming everyone but himself for his fling with the gay porn industry, but pictures can say 1,000 words, and Sanchez looked like he was enjoying himself.

Think Progress is reporting that Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin is already downplaying Coulters remarks and claiming that the Sanchez incident will prove "who the real bigots" are.

"I have a feeling Ann Coulter isn’t the only one who’ll be tossing around the f-word as the story develops." Malkin commented.

Malkin illustrates her ineptitude quite plainly, she is implying that Liberals will now start tagging the "f-word" to Matt Sanchez, because he is a "Conservative" gay porn star, rather than a Liberal one.

One thing Malkin is failing to understand is that Liberals don't call people the "f-word", because of our annoying Political Correctness that Conservatives like Malkin complain about so incessantly.

Malkin, is funny, though unfortunately it is not in the way she tries to be.

Today Malkin comments that she thought the "CPAC organizers would be justified in being embarrassed if the rumors about Sanchez’s porn star past 15 years ago turned out to be true. Well, the rumors are true. But it is neither CPAC nor Cpl. Sanchez who should feel embarrassed."

I agree that Sanchez should not be embarrassed that he had sexual contact with other males. Sexuality is inherent, it is built in, you are either strait or you are not, and I have no problem with homosexuals, I really don't care.

But I do believe the porn industry to be dirty and demeaning, and Sanchez should be have some shame that he was in any pornography. Whether it was porno for homosexuals or heterosexuals is irrelevant, it was porno nonetheless, gutter trash. Even as Liberal as I am, I do not believe people should be proud of their work in such a perverted field, it is not "art" and people should be embarrassed to be in pornography, the same way people should be embarrassed to be prostitutes.

CPAC should be embarrassed as well, it should be embarrassed for putting on such a spectacle in the first place. They should be embarrassed that Ann Coulter makes Conservatives look like intolerant bigots by using a homosexual slur, and they should be embarrassed that they look so hypocritical by claiming to be "the moral party", then inviting a gay porn star to receive it's highest award.

Again, I believe there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, but I do believe being in pornography is a less than admirable career choice at any age and I am a fierce opponent of hypocrisy, and this years CPAC was neck deep in it.

But, according to Malkin (you have to give the girl some credit for trying so hard to spin this) it's the Liberals who should be embarrassed! Read,

"It’s the nasty, gloating liberals who claim to stand for tolerance, privacy, human rights, and compassion." [who should be embarassed]

Yeah, that's right, it was the Liberals who held bigot fest 2007, where gay slurs and porno stars were aplenty!

Malkin continues,

"I predicted the other day that left-wing bigotry would rear its ugly head. I was right. The e-mail I’ve received is more disgusting than anything Ann Coulter stupidly said at CPAC."

Oh, did little Michelle Malkin get some hateful-wateful emails from anonymous strangers-wangers? Welcome to the club! Yes, Malkin, and I too get nasty emails from Conservatives who say things that are far more disgusting than any anecdote Micheal Moore, or even Che Guevara ever told - so stuff a sock in it.

As Think Progress pointed out "What’s notable is that Malkin compares Coulter to these alleged “liberal” emailers. Malkin doesn’t get it: the random people allegedly writing her don’t have regular appearances on NBC News or receive warm praise from leading presidential candidates." But Ann Coulter does.

So there is quite a huge difference between some hateful emails that anonymous and fringe elements of Liberalism send to a columnist and a different famous columnist who preaches hate to the millions and is lauded by Conservatives for doing so.

In conclusion, this year at CPAC was more interesting than most. I wish "Rod Majors" luck in that whole "red blooded Reagan Republican" B.S. , it looks like they may let Sanchez continue to play in their reindeer games, but only because they can use him as a tool (or use his tool-haha) to attack the nefarious Left with.