Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yellow Snow Bracelets

"ABC News' Jessica Yellin Reports: The White House press office has handed out yellow cancer bracelets that say 'Tony Snow' to reporters.

Member of the press office said they would like the press corps to wear these bracelets during Snow's on camera briefing Wednesday, scheduled for 1:00pmET.

Reporters are divided, some plan to wear them but others are aren't." - Political Radar, ABC


What kind of move is this and what is it designed to inspire?

Here, wear this bracelet of support for Tony Snow, you know - the man who routinely refuses to honestly answer your questions and seems to genuinely enjoy evading and bullying you.

Don't forget to observe your "I Support Yellow Snow" bracelet as your raise your hand and please refrain from asking any serious or hard hitting questions because remember, he has cancer...