Saturday, May 05, 2007

Conservatives Can't Cut It At YouTube

Who would have thought YouTube had a Liberal bias?

I mean, who would have thought YouTube had any kind of bias, period?

In fact when millions of people from all over the world are uploading their favorite videos 24/7 - chances are there is no real overall bias and the videos are of a random nature.

This just in from the world of crazy :

Apparently some Conservatives think YouTube is Liberally biased and they need a warm and special place where Conservative videos won't brush shoulders with dirty Liberal videos, an idea that is truly laughable. And can you say paranoid?

What's next? Accusations that the Google Search Engine is Liberally biased?

Is the sun Liberally biased as well? We had better get the Conservatives their own sun because they believe the sun shines a little brighter on Liberals so therefore the sun must be Liberally biased...

Seriously though, the Conservatives have decided to start their own YouTube called "Qube TV". Qube TV? They might as well call it "Square TV", TV for Squares.

Are Conservatives really that whiny and prissy that they can't cut it at YouTube like the rest of us? Do they feel discriminated against because their views are unpopular?

Ahhh yeah, well - I'm sure the Kluxers feel the exact same way.

So, Conservatives have decided to start a video streaming website designed specifically for Conservatives? Are they they afraid of hearing the criticism of the rest of the world that doesn't see things threw a Conservatives rosy and narrow perspective?

The Conservatives want to segregate their videos from YouTube, and you know what?

Not only is that idea funny it also works out rather well for Liberals because normal, oops I mean average people aren't going to be on Qube TV looking for something to watch, they are going to be on YouTube.

Because we all know when average people go looking for entertainment and fun, the last place they go is where the holy rollers and snobs are hanging out, so I don't see a very expansive future for Qube TV and I can't see them appealing to an audience that is even a quarter as large as YouTube.

This idea is about as wonderful as the "Half Hour News Hour" which was intended to compete with Jon Stewart but was about as funny as [insert the least funny thing you can think of here]. Is that show even still on the air??