Friday, April 27, 2007

...Fox News’ reporting was parody, but reporting parody news is a new low.

Think Progress Reports :

"On Tuesday, Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” aired at least eight segments on a purported “news” story that was actually a parody article written by a publication similar to The Onion.

The backstory: Last week in the town of Lewiston, Maine, a group of Somalian Muslim middle school students were the subject of a
cruel prank when their peers placed a ham steak next to them in order to personally offend the students. School officials filed a report because the
students considered the act to be a hate/bias crime.

This actual story was then
spoofed by a parody site called Associated Content, which made up quotes and details, such as the school’s intention to “create an anti-ham ‘response plan.’”

On Tuesday, Fox & Friends reported these parody quotes and details as actual news. Poking fun at the students, hosts asked whether ham was “a hate crime…or lunch?” and showed screen shots of ham sandwiches, starving Somalians, belching, animal noises, and mock “reenactments” of the incident. Ironically, the hosts assured viewers several times, “We’re not making this

Fox’s careless blunder made news in the town and “launched an immediate avalanche of
angry phone calls and ugly e-mails to the school system.”

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Faux News is always finding new lows to slink to. Fox News is to legitimate journalism what Jerry Springer is to a serious talk show: sensationalist, over the top and absurd.