Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Subpoenas Issued For Condoleezza Rice And RNC Emails

Condoleezza Rice could have avoided avoided all of this.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman has written several letters to Condoleezza Rice requesting information regarding the Bush administration's pre-war claims about Saddam Hussein's goals of seeking Weapons of Mass Destruction. Rice has either refused or failed to respond to the letters, eleven in total.

So Waxman tried to write Rice again on March 12, 2007, after he had become committee chairman. Waxman requested that Rice at least respond to his letter by March 23. Rice refused or failed to respond and now it is over a month after the request for response deadline.

Condolezza Rice could have avoided this, bur failed or refused to.

Subpoenas were also issued for the Republican National Committee for emails and testimony regarding emails White House officials sent threw RNC email accounts that are now said to be missing.

The White House and the RNC could have avoided all of this.

One way this could have been avoided was if the White House would have refrained from trying to politicize the justice system and the RNC had not been complicit in trying to cover it up.

Furthermore, the White House should not have been using GOP-provided, nongovernmental email accounts to avoid complying with Federal law, which requires the preservation of all electronic communications sent or received by White House staff.

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