Thursday, November 09, 2006

America Votes For Change, Will They Get It?

It has been a long hard road, but we somehow managed to chase most of those oil grubbers and war mongers making themselves a little too comfortable in Washington D.C.

A brave few will remain, but one thing is for sure, leadership is about to drastically change in America.

George W. Bush will remain in his post, which angers some liberals. Most moderates and independents are willing to leave Bush alone, so long as he cooperates with the Democrats in an effort to solve the ills of our own society and move forward in the Wars.

My personal belief is that the Democrats are willing to work in a bi-partisan effort to save the country. Most likely the Democrats view Bush as poorly as they did a week ago.

But beginning the process of impeachment could and would distract the country and it's leaders from problems that need solutions, such as terrorism, the Wars and other domestic problems.

So I don't believe, as the conspiracy theorist are already proclaiming, that the Democrats are forming an unholy alliance with George W. Bush and the neoconservatives in Washington.

But I do believe George W. Bush now has little room for error, and if we encounter open resistance from him, the impeachment process may begin.

The Voice Of The American People

The voice of the American people was strong and defiant on November 7, 2006. For so many years the Bush Administration and it's Republicans had insisted it was the voice of the American people, and they were proven wrong.

The American people are the voice of the American people, and we spoke loud, clear with defiance of their rhetoric when we voted against them in what will be called a national election.

We Voted For A Change.

We are not a bunch of flaming liberals, we are human beings yearning for change. We have been attacked by our enemies then deceived by our leaders, we are patriots who loved our country but questioned it's leadership. We have beliefs in human rights and adhere our Constitution and want to abide by international law and treaty.

We were sick of sex scandals, lobbyist scandals, the ruthless partisanship and the general veil of deceit the Republicans has cloaked themselves in for so long.

Most of all we wanted change.

So can the Democrats bring change to the country? Or will Bush stymie them at every corner and avenue?

One would certainly hope so. But change, no matter how hard the Democrats try, will be hard to come by. The President will still be the President, but his power will be impeded, as will the Democrats power.

The Neoconservatives Last Wild Card

But the President has stuck in one last wild card to play, it was so crafty that even most of his neoconservative supporters are not even aware of it. That wild card was Robert Gates.

The Bush Administration knew that if the Democrats took the majority that item one was the removal of Rumsfeld.

If the Republican war-money grubbers had allowed the Democrats to take control of House and Senate, the Democrats in turn would have began pushing for Rumsfeld's resignation.

With the Democrats in control of Congress whoever Bush choose as a nominee to fill Rumsfeld's post would have been closely scrutinized by the Democrats.

But, the war machine had reasoned, if Rumsfeld resigns immediately after the Republican defeat, they would have the ability to usher in their own suitable candidate that will be loyal to the neoconservative agenda at the Pentagon.

So even as Democrats take over House and Senate, The White House and The Pentagon will remain under neoconservative control. So I view change in the Iraq War is most likely near impossible until 2008 when a new President is elected.