Friday, November 10, 2006

The "State Of Denial" Now Reaches All Republicans

Browsing the headlines of our nation's more conservative news sources would suggest the "State Of Denial" Bob Woodward has recently written about has fully engulfed the Republican party and all it's supporters.

Who are insisting that the American people are "reading too much" into the elections, and that the Iraq War and Republican corruption doesn't have "that much to do" with the Republicans failure to keep the majority.

Not surprisingly the Republicans are being quick to blame their usual bogeymen it likes to scapegoat. Typically, more often than not, the "liberal" media.

That pesky old "liberal" media. Why do they always want to expose government corruption? How dare that "liberal" media tell the American people the facts. Just who does that "liberal" media think it is? Those are supposed to be secrets.

The "State Of Denial" needs to end. It could not be any more clear why the American people voted the way they voted unless it was required on the ballot to explain the reason you chose to vote the way you did.

The refusal of the Republicans to admit the real reasons they lost the elections would be infuriating if it were not so pathetic.