Monday, May 21, 2007

Who's Really Irreverent, Reckless And Unfortunate?

Jimmy Carter may have been a bad president but he tried to be a good man who exhibited fairness and honesty that is unmatched by any other former Presidents who are still living.

Indeed, although I can tolerate Jimmy Carter's simple countryman demeanor I would be likely to vote him to be one of the least successful Democratic Presidents of all time.

But as far as I know it is two Republicans, Nixon and Bush, who are still competing to be the most unsuccessful and corruption driven President's of all time.

With that written I note that recently Jimmy Carter commented that the Bush Administration was the worst Administration in American history.

Well, of course the White House fired back, calling Jimmy Carter "irreverent" and his comments "sad", "reckless" and "unfortunate".

But I challenge the White House or anyone else for that matter to find a more counterproductive and disastrous Administration in American history than the Bush Administration.

I disagree with the opportunistic soothsayers who believe that history will vindicate the Bush Administration and see President Bush as tackling Islamic extremism.

History will be leveled against the Bush Administration in a way that will likely make today's Conservative political commentators look deceitful or deluded.

The vision of history will not be tainted by the fresh emotional memories of 9/11, but based on the cold hard facts.

A President elected under controversy.

9/11, a terrorist attack that could have been prevented if the Bush Administration had heeded the warnings.

The Iraq War, preemptive invasion based on fabricated and fraudulent intelligence.

Guantanamo, a torture haven that symbolizes what is wrong with American Democracy.

Abramoff. Signing statements. Katrina. Scooter Libby. The Attorney General scandal. Illegal spying. Ashcroft in the hospital.

The impact of George W. Bush is much more significant and much more negative than any other President in recent history.

President Bush has gone far beyond the actions of Nixon and the only reason he is still in the White House is because the 109th and 110th Congress refuse to hold him accountable for his actions.

In the future historians will no longer look to Richard Nixon as being the prime example of great rises to power that were destroyed by their own scandal, corruption and overall lawlessness, it will be President George W. Bush.

Maybe Carter has become irreverent and sad in his own respects.

But it is the Bush Administration that is so wracked with failure and corruption that it is they who have become the very definition of reckless and unfortunate.