Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sheehan Calls It Quits After Repeated Left Hooks

Cindy Sheehan is calling it quits, she cites disillusionment with both political parties as the cause. Read Cindy Sheehan's post at DailyKos for her explanation.

One can imagine many right wingers are championing the ouster of Cindy Sheehan and perhaps even breathing a collective sigh of relief. But it is the beating she took from the Left that appears to have done her in for the count.

Many on the left who used to love Cindy Sheehan turned against her the moment she started putting pressure on Democrats and held the Democrats to the same level of accountability as she had previously held the GOP. Some on the left did not like this and lashed out at Sheehan, instead of the spineless Democrats in Washington DC who are afraid to stand up to Bush.

My honest opinion about Cindy Sheehan?

Personally, from the beginning I found Sheehan to be slightly shrill and I felt that she undermined the antiwar movement and made it look silly.

It didn't take me long to see I was wrong about the latter, what started as a one woman movement gave many others the strength and courage to be openly antiwar. Cindy Sheehan truly did help change the tides.

Perhaps there was a time when I wished Cindy Sheehan would quietly go away, now I see she gave a voice to the antiwar crowd and brought a lot of attention to it.

It is wrong for the Left to lash out at Sheehan because she demands the same level of accountability from the Democrats as she does from the Republicans, that does not make her the enemy.

In fact it is wrong for those who have been antiwar to suddenly turn against Sheehan because she is not having any illusions about the Democratic Party or their intentions of [not] ending the war.

In all truth it is Liberals and Progressives who should be railing the hardest and loudest against the Democrats perceived weakness when it comes to standing up to Bush and the GOP and beginning the end of the war. Right?