Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Conservative Media VS The Liberal Internet

The right wing has always had an upper edge when it comes to AM radio.

Twelve out of thirteen pundits you will hear on talk radio are Conservatives.

As far as AM radio goes, it is a Liberals no man's land only to be ventured into by a few brave souls who know no one is listening.

This though, can be explained quite easily.

Who listens to AM radio?

On average older people listen to AM radio, young people don't even seem to know AM radio even exists.

And why should they? With FM, Satellite Radio and Pod-casts what use can they really derive out of listening to diapered and dusty Conservative pundits on the radio? None.

Soon analog cable will be gone, and my prediction is AM radio will go extinct shortly thereafter.

Back to the point...

On average people over 50 are going to be Conservative.


They were raised in a different time and place where racism was not only acceptable it was the norm in most, if not all American homes.

Racism and dominance was practically part of the American dream, from the slaughtering of the Indians to the enslavement of African Americans to the substandard treatment of woman and the handicapped, which was prevalent until very recently.

The "folks" were raised in a time and place where religion trumped science, tradition trumped reason and a woman had "illegitimate children" or married into a life sentence of silent domestic servitude.

Most importantly, they were raised in a time before The Civil Rights Movement.

So naturally this archetype, when turning on the radio is going to listen to someone they can agree and sympathize with.

The "folks" need someone who can put into words just how "rough" it is out there for the privileged white man. Someone who shares their ignorantly prejudiced points of view, their hardcore take on crime and punishment and their unusually high bar of standards that they themselves cannot even live up to.

They won't find much solace in a Liberal who will preach that we are all equal and should be treated as such. They can't agree with a Liberal who suggest sometimes we should turn the other cheek, even though that is a direct suggestion of Christ, Messiah to the Christians. They hate a Liberal who says human rights are Universal and the Constitution trumps the Bible in America.

These chest beating, bible thumping self proclaimed right wing patriots do not realize their beliefs are the polar opposite of those of Christ, or the visionary founding fathers of this country.

Back to the point, that is why Conservatives dominate the radio. Now we know what audience tunes into these pundits we can understand why they are popular. Old people, mostly bigots, who wish we could still live in the glory days of the "yes sir" of the Negro. Their children as well, because bigotry takes more than a single generation to die.

These are the people and children of the people who protested the integration of schools and held up signs that read "Go Home N*gger" when African American students wanted a fair education.

The more unacceptable the "Go Home N*gger" banner becomes the more angry the "folks" become. They complain of "political correctness" but it is just having common respect for your fellow man that they have a problem with.

So they tune into the Rush Limbaugh's of the world to make them feel a little better about their once socially acceptable beliefs, that are now becoming intolerable and bigoted to the new generations who were born and raised long after The Civil Rights Movement.

Some Liberals complain of the Rights stranglehold on AM radio, I'm not concerned with it.

Why? I think the Liberals have the blogosphere, true public opinion, by the balls.

Liberals have helped engineer and master the new media. Liberals understand how to use "the Google" on "the Internets" and the "series of tubes" to broadcast their political message of Democracy and equality. We understand this is the true new media - small man to small man, not big man to small man.

Liberals understand how to use the new media in the same way Conservative pundits use the dinosaur AM radio to broadcast their message of plutocracy and cloaked racism in the old media - big man to small man.

Not only have Liberals mastered the new media, the generations sympathetic to Right Wing pundits like Limbaugh and O'Reilly are dieing out.

Meanwhile young people are growing up to be more Liberally inclined even before they are turning on the computer, not the radio, to get their dose of political punditry.

Add the fact that each generation is less tolerant of bigotry and plutocracy than the last...

So who do I think will win in this battle? It's obvious isn't it?