Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nancy Pelosi In A Hijab? Someone Notify The Culture Police!

Our little Republican friends were running out of ammunition to use against Nancy Pelosi's for her trip to Syria, being it that it may that a Republican delegation recently visited Syria and a Republican is traveling with Pelosi.

But now, after much effort the right wing presents...

Nancy Pelosi in a hijab!

This is the ultimate proof that the secular Democrats are colluding with Islamic extremist in an effort to rule the United States by Sharia law and hang the crescent and the star over the capital! OH, THE HUMANITY!!

Seriously though, Nancy Pelosi looks more like an poor old farmer woman from Romania than a terrorist in a hijab. I am sorry to be the one to inform the Reich Wing of that, but it's true.

But that hasn't stopped comments like the following:

Indeed, what kind message is Pelosi trying to send?

Hmm, just off the top of my head I bet the message she is trying to send is that she has respect and tolerance for the culture of the people she is visiting. Which is always a good idea when on a diplomatic mission.

A western woman wearing a hijab to a mosque is not a sign of subservience, it is a sign of respect. If a male was to enter a Synagogue it would only be appropriate and respectful for him to wear a Yarmulke. The same rules can be applied to a woman and a hijab when entering a mosque. World Bank President Neocon Paul Wolfowitz even had the "subservience" to remove his shoes when entering a mosque in Turkey.

Laura Bush wore a hijab when visiting the al-Aqsa mosque... Where were the accusations that Laura Bush was being subservient? Where was the disgust and distrust? Laura looks more authentic in a hijab than Nancy, that I can say for sure.

Look at Laura over there, dark blood red lipstick, black glasses and black hijab, she actually looks severe. She looks just like the kind of Muslim matriarch that the whole Drudge-Coulter-Malikin-Limbaugh-Hannity crowd despises. Nancy Pelosi in a hijab? She looks more like a potato farmer from Europe.

But Laura, like Nancy was only showing respect towards the people she was visiting. There is an old saying "While in Rome do what the Romans do." I suspect Nancy and Laura were doing as the Romans do, which isn't such a big crime when you think about it.

Pelosi was visiting an Omayyad mosque in Damascus in which the tomb of John the Baptist is believed to be in.

Pelosi crossed herself before the tomb, an action which should prove her Christianity to the logical. But the illogical ignore Pelosi while she makes the sign of the cross and focus in on her hijab, that despicably evil piece of cloth.

(Funny thought, in the USA it is OK to show lots of skin, the more skin you show, the better. But it is not OK to cover your skin and be modest. Interesting. What does that mean, and what does that say about American culture and sex?)

However, I do regret to inform the airbags at Hot Wind, I mean the windbags at Hot Air -- that the image of Pelosi in a hijab does not pain the left, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

I am sure some of the far left, those who are offended by ALL religion (including Christianity) are offended by this move.

But the base prides itself on tolerance and Pelosi wearing a hijab in a mosque is an ultimate sign of tolerance, so I am proud of Pelosi wearing the hijab in the mosque, but wearing a skirt and free hair when meeting with Syrian officials.

So, na-nana-na-bobo...