Friday, February 09, 2007

The Tabloid Nation's Takeover Of The Real News

Anna Nicole Smith. The stripper who became a model who married an 89 year old billionaire. She was emotionally and intellectually disadvantaged, a tragic train wreck America watched with fascination and sometimes pity. She died at 39, of causes yet to be determined.

The death of Anna Nicole Smith has exposed the state of stupidity the mainstream media is living in. While the death of Anna Nicole Smith is tragic because any death is tragic, it is not life changing and is certainly not the most pressing issue of our nation.

Shouldn't someone ask the media how it is possible they are able to showcase the life of someone who we wouldn't want our own daughters to grow up to be -- but fail to provide adequate coverage and information on the Scooter Libby trial? Many people don't even understand what the Scooter Libby trial is, let alone understand what is going on during it. No wonder. The dumbing down of the news.

Is it true? America is more preoccupied with Tabloid stars than they are the young men and woman who are dieing and getting maimed in Iraq? We get shoddy coverage of the war, but full access to the personal problems of Anna Nicole Smith? This can't be real.

Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah), and Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) meet with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in Mecca and agreed to form a national unity government in Palestine and end the fighting between Hamas and Fatah. But this too was obscured by the death of the tabloid princess.

US helicopters are being swiped out of the sky like flies and all we can talk about is how depressed Anna Nicole was.

The stars are aligning for a war with Iran, and no one really knows what to do about it, but here is the media, obsessing about Anna Nicole's final moments.

What about our soldiers last moments? What about the last moments of mothers in a marketplace who are brutally wiped out by a terrorist?

There are real problems in this nation, and there are real problems in this world and I would like to see them reported on and investigated on as thoroughly as the color of nail polish Anna Nicole Smith might have been wearing when she died.