Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pro-War Critics Of War Critics Try To Quell Dissent By Fear And Guilt By Association

Recently an article caught my eye, titled, "Criticism gives comfort to the enemy" I didn't need to even read the article to understand the rhetoric and propaganda that was written inside.

I have a question, Why do we even care if criticism comforts the enemy or leaves him cold inside? Should that stop us from observing the obvious?

Should we let that not very significant and regrettable fact stop us from doing the right thing? The answer is a firm "no".

It is my belief that our real enemies, the ones who are capable of hurting us at home, want us to continue to fight in Iraq.

The enemy loves seeing America tied down in a Civil War in Iraq, wasting our time and resources while leaving our country vulnerable by trying to build a "democratic" nation in Iraq which is being met with the full resistance of factions of warlike and feuding Iraqi's and amplified by foreign terrorist, while countless Iraqi civilians lives get washed away in the bloodshed.

These "critics of the critics" need to step back and logically evaluate the situation.

We have no one to blame for our misfortunes in Iraq but ourselves for we have done more damage to ourselves in Iraq than any terrorist organization could pray for.

We cannot continue to deceive ourselves for the sake of the fact that the truth is ugly.

We deviated from the path, our mission should have been the metaphorical decapitation of Osama bin Laden and those who plotted against the United States. Instead we went on a nation building foray in Iraq and all but abandoned our true call to war.

While these critics of the critics shield the President, what will they feel in six months or nine months when the situation in Iraqi has likely deteriorated further?

How will they feel to know in a year Muqtada al Sadr will most likely still be controlling masses of Shia in Iraq?

How will they feel to know the Iraqi government yet again was unable to live up to their promises?

You heard Condoleeza Rice, there is no "plan B", only a "plan A" which is precisely how we became mired in Iraq in the first place, no "back up plans" for when and if your original blue print falls through.

How will they feel when Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a sectarian war by proxy that we are stuck in the middle of, while the only people who gain from the experience are terrorist and companies like Halliburton?

Will they even care, or will they have made up even more rhetoric filled slogans to guide the nation threw a war that should have never been and didn't need to be?

Will they still feel criticism comforts the enemy, or will they finally become concerned with our overburdened military and the incredible damage that has been done to US credibility?

Will they shield the President further, or will they realize aligning themselves with him is to sell our country out to war profiteers who have no real intention of solving these problems before their reign of power has ended?

These defenders of Bush need to realize the obvious.

The only way that we are possibly winning the war in Iraq is if our mission was to cause a Civil War and destabilize the region, let Osama bin Laden go free and give the terrorist cause to celebrate and fight. If that is so, then we are winning the War in Iraq.

We have helped placed men who are loyal to sects and not to Iraq in positions of power.

We have placed men who fought against Iraq in the war between Iraq and Iran in control of Iraq.

We have helped prop up men who have allegiance to Iran, not to Iraq, in dominance of Iraq.

These men were also aided in their elevation to power by militant Shia organizations in Iraq, who are accused of running "death squads", I do not need to write names, if these critics of the critics are so well informed then they should know precisely who I am writing of.

It is unfortunate that the President's policy is so misguided it is met with the criticism of all, including his own constituents.

Regardless of what terrorist in the Middle East or right wing pundits believe or say it does not change the fact that we were misguided into a war by a President who knew very little about who he was fighting and what tactics would be necessary.

It only aides the President, not the terrorist or the people to spread the belief that "criticism comforts the enemy" because it serves as an effective buffer of freedom of speech and dissent, aimed at trying to make war critics feel as if they are on the enemies side by criticizing such a transparently tragic policy