Monday, December 04, 2006

Does US Need New Govt. Institution To Combat Terrorism?

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently wrote a memo to his comrades in arms in which he pondered the great questions of the War on Terror.

The memo was scattered with questions, but there was a recurring theme that seems to have escaped the media.

Rumsfeld refers to creating new government entities three times in the recently leaked memo, which can be read at USA TODAY.Com.

But in a country already tied down with bureaucracy and poor communication within existing government entities one has to ask if creating a new one is really the answer.

The memo reads as if it were hand crafted for public release, not a secret memo that got "leaked" to the public. Rumsfeld is posing mostly rhetorical questions, posed purposely with the intent of making a point, not asking a question.

So are new government institutions or entities really the answer to Rumsfeld's questions?

As I view it in this case the government is part of the problem. Maybe there are too many entities already operating within it, rather than not enough.

The focus should perhaps be focused on more efficient and intelligent agencies, rather than new agencies. Let these agencies be head by competent individuals, not those who have family or friends in high places.

But in a government already steeped in debt and war whose present government institutions are not entirely efficient it may not be a productive pursue the idea of creating a new government institution.