Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bill O Reilly's "No Spin Zone"

While not a viewer of FOX News I accidentally tuned in one day because the channels numbers are similar to that of the Weather Channel.

I noticed this infamous man, Bill O Reilly calling something the "No Spin Zone" and I thought "O Really?" and I just had to watch, it was watching a bad car accident, you know you shouldn't look because what is in there is probably grotesque, but you

"The No Spin Zone"? Is this man aware that he is currently the sitting Spin King? Or is the "No Spin Zone" a segment FOX runs regularly to amuse itself with it's own open hypocrisy?

It's one thing to put a "spin" on things, but it's quite another to label a segment as "non spin" when the whole purpose of the segment is to serve as "spin"

All this talk of spin has me dizzy...