Wednesday, November 29, 2006

U.S. Soldiers YouTube Videos To Be Investigated By Pentagon

The video below is one of the videos to be investigated by the Pentagon.
The video shows at least two U.S. soldiers taunting Iraqi children with bottled water.

Recently U.S. soldiers who thought they were pranksters posted videos of them taunting Iraqi children on YouTube.Com and now the joke is on them, the Pentagon is investigating their conduct.

The video above depicts at least two U.S. soldiers laughing and taunting Iraqi children with bottled water, the other video reportedly shows a soldier complaining that deadly force cannot be used against children who throw rocks.

The soldiers conduct, while not illegal was most definitely immoral and seemingly oblivious to the reality that these children actually live in.

It also yet another severe contradiction to our so called image as "liberators" of the middle east.

The mainstream media has yet to pick up on the story though the Pentagon is investigating the videos and the evidence is in the videos the soldiers posted themselves online that anyone can see, for the time being.

Not only did the soldiers involved behave in an unacceptable manner they thought their conduct was so acceptable and so humorous that they posted it online for the entire world to see.

I wanted to congratulate the bloggers for bringing so much attention to the video.

But who I should really be thanking is the soldiers decided to record their bullying of school age children for their own amusement, for if they had not recorded their "prank" no one would have known about it.

These soldiers, like the soldiers at Abu Ghraib recorded their deeds for people to see, thus proving they were proud of them.

I cannot express enough the importance of conduct of war, or just plain conduct of being a human being in a position of authority.

War is bad, I understand. War is ugly, I know. But what about all that propaganda about how we are going to "liberate" the people in Iraq? How does this kind of conduct contribute to that mission?

Talk about "winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people"...

That is what starts to sound like the joke, tell that to the pranksters.

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