Friday, November 17, 2006

Democrats Show Independence From Pelosi In Hoyer Selection

Democrats, perhaps sensing the controversy that would follow John Murtha's nomination to Majority Leader choose a less controversial figure to help head the Democratic Party, Steny Hoyer.

Some sources say the Democrats "snubbed" Pelosi and that their choice shows division within the Democratic Party.

I think the move shows independence from leadership, which is an especially good thing when the leadership may be wrong and may be committing a move that will cause the Democrats more problems than it is worth.

Remember, leadership unity is not always a good thing, no matter how pleasant it may seem to have leaders who are in lock step with each other.

Lock step leadership within the Republican party helped contribute to it's own demise. The problem with lock step leadership is it does not allow room for new ideas and free thinking.

The Democrats made a few promises when they were elected. Those promises included a transparent and ethical Congress.

Having Jack Murtha as Majority Leader would have only stirred controversy and allowed the Republicans to say the Democrats were not even keeping their own promises.

I, for one, do not want lock step leadership to rule the 110th Congress the way it ruled the 109th.

If you have independent thinkers within your own party they are more likely to see mistakes being made and usually more able to fix those mistakes because they are thinking beyond the strait party line.

With that said, I hope Hoyer makes an excellent leader who can help lead the Democrats and America towards a better tomorrow.